Advice he’d give a 12-year-old version of himself: "It might sound oversimplified, but I’d say, ‘Shhh.’ It’s so funny how noisy my brain is - it’s what it does, it makes thoughts. And the problem is, I think in most of our lives the root of suffering is listening to that brain noise and actually identifying with it as if it’s who you are. That’s just the noise your brain makes. And more often than not, it probably doesn’t have much to say that’s going to help you. I’ve felt my best are the moments that I’ve been able to pull that plug and say, ‘Chris … shhh … shhh.’ And it’s not quitting, it’s not giving up, it’s not washing your hands of the thought, it’s rising above it. All the time I’ve spent suffering as a result of brain noise, hours of my life wasted. So that’s what I’d say: ‘Shhh.’"

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My goal was always to make you feel a little better about yourself and the world when you finished watching an episode of psych […] i hope it’s one of those things that makes people happy and continues to make them happy.’ -Steve Franks

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My parents have been married nearly 40 years and they truly love each other. I’ve seen it work. I know it’s tough, and I know it’s rare. But my fundamental values in life and my ideas about love and relationships are always going to be rooted in what I was raised in.

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The more jobs I apply for, the more upset I get. I just want to get another job, so badly. I’m tired of going to work and feeling upset, and hating what I do. I just need to do something else with my life.
I hope that someone gives me a chance soon.

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How I Met Your Mother deleted scene. (x)

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the worst is having a dream where someone loves you and you can practically feel them touching you and it feels so real and then you wake up and it’s like the life is being sucked out of you and the happiness just drains out of your body and you feel empty again

the fact that over 300,000 other people know exactly what this feels like too is a source of great comfort

especially if it’s a kiss

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